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Instructional Technology

​Technology services in South East Cornerstone are divided  into two branches - Information Systems (IS), which supplies and maintains the infrastructure backbone and network services, and Instructional Technology (IT) which works to enhance teaching and learning through the provision of more direct all instructional resources and support to students and staff.

Our students must be prepared for life and learning, not only for today's world but also for their future. Developing in our students the 21st Century competencies of creativity, critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration and communication, partnered with digital literacy and citizenship, are essential to education today.

Students and staff have access to a variety of software and web-based services that support learning in our schools, including:

 Our schools are proactive in integrating current technologies into everyday instruction to engage students. Digital projectors, SMARTBoards, document cameras, iPads & tablets, are among current technologies commonly found in all of our schools.

Students Achieve and Teacher Logic facilitate assessment and attendance record keeping. Through the Students Achieve Parent Portal and Teacher Logic's Home Logic, parents, guardians and students can keep current with their child's academic performance and attendance history. 

SECPSD Technology Vision & Goals

Our technology vision guides us to provide a progressive technological environment that empowers continued success and achievement. Following our vision allows us to achieve our technology goals:

  1. SECPSD teachers are competent and confident using and integrating information technology.
  2. SECPSD will have a reliable, adequate, cost effective, and secure technology infrastructure that supports the learning, teaching and administrative goals of the school division.
  3. SECPSD will use technology to improve its administrative effectiveness through efficient business practices, communications, planning and record keeping.
  4. All SECPSD teachers will have the technology, training, skills and resources needed to assure students will meet provincial learning objectives and have the technological means to assess and record student progress.
  5. Technology will be used to provide the most current, accurate and extensive information resources possible to all learners in the school division and community in a cost effective and reliable manner at maximum convenience to the user.

 During the 2013-2014 school year a new Strategic Plan for Technology was developed and approved.  A gap analysis was conducted through Thoughtstream. This process allowed us to analyze and learn from 6,149 thoughts from 2,326 participants and was foundational in developing the strategic plan.