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Mission, Vision and Values Statements


Value Statements

  • We value education that includes physical, emotional, social, academic and spiritual development- Development of the whole person.
  • We value a culture of celebration and the acknowledgement of success-Celebration of success.
  • We value productive teamwork- Working together for success.
  • We value participation and support of all individuals and groups in our community- Participation
  • We value accountability for all individuals and groups in our Division-Responsibility.
  • We value creative and facilitative leadership-Effective Leadership.
  • We value continuous improvement of teaching and learning and the use of innovative practices- Growth and Innovation.
  • We value personal growth and development for all students- All students will learn.
  • We value a positive environment that enables each person to achieve his or her potential- Success for all.
  • We value passionate commitment and good character- Commitment to be your best.