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School Attendance Boundaries

Under the authority of sections 85 and 122 of the Education Act 1995, the Board of Education of the South East Cornerstone Public School Division (SECPSD) has made changes to school attendance boundaries.
After three regional meetings in Carievale,  Radville and Wapella, written submissions and special presentations, the Board of Education finalized school attendance boundaries for the 2014-2015 school year and onward. The finalized school attendance boundaries are outlined below.
In keeping with Administrative Procedures (AP) 305 and 306, the Board will continue to adhere to the following as it relates to Student Transportation:
Grandfathering​ ​The Board will grandfather the transportation of only those students currently approved within an attendance to an area outside of their attendance area, until the completion of the education of the students and their siblings with the SECPSD. Essentially, students and their siblings currently approved within an attendance area who are impacted by these changes will be grandfathered; that means transportation will still be provided.
​Courtesy Rider
​The Courtesy Rider Program will accommodate SECPSD students wishing to attend a school outside the attendance area, at an existing pick up zone, based on criteria established in AP 306. These existing pick up zones are within the attendance area that the student wishes to attend.
​New Families ​​New families will be required to adhere to Administrative Procedure 306 and will be afforded the Courtesy Rider Program (based on criteria established in AP 306) if they wish to attend school outside of their attendance area at an existing pick up zone.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to the collaboration that lies ahead as we provide opportunities for the success and achievement of every student in every school.

If you require assistance please contact the school division office at (306) 848-0080.

Finalized Attendance Boundaries