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Message from the Director of Education/CEO

Welcome to South East Cornerstone Public School Division. We are extremely happy that you decided to spend some time with us and trust that as you read our student success stories, search for educational opportunities or learn about our school life and culture that you will understand how passionate and committed we are to student success and achievement.
With a mission of providing passionate and committed leadership to ensure success for all, we value continuous improvement, academic and personal excellence and a spirit of team cohesiveness within our schools. With your support and feedback, we will continue to raise the bar of excellence as we mould young men and women with sound characters, clearness of thought and the courage of their convictions.
Welcome! Welcome to the place where minds are filled, plans are envisioned and dreams are realized. Welcome to the place that values continuous improvement of teaching and learning and the use of innovative practices. We value your support and welcome your feedback. Do enjoy this visit, and please, come again.
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​Yours in Education,                                     
Lynn Little
Director of Education/ CEO