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PBIS & Review 360

South East Cornerstone Public School Division schools implement the principles of PBIS,  a proactive approach to improving school climate through the teaching and supporting of positive student behaviour. To support this goal, all schools now use Review360, a multi-tiered software system that will help our schools improve student behaviour for all students.
Review360 will assist us in tracking student behaviour, compiling and analyzing the data, providing appropriate interventions and communicating resulting actions and progress by utilizing a system-wide approach.
Review360 is the ideal solution to help schools:
reduce suspensions
implement anti-bullying initiatives
implement positive behavioural intervention strategies
and improve school climate
If you have any questions or concerns, your school administrator or school counselor will be happy to assist. We will continue to provide supports for our students and opportunities for their success and achievement.

Research Review: Early Identification of Behavioral and Emotional Problems

Review 360 Newsetter
October 9, 2014 by
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Students and educators have great expectations placed upon them that extend beyond academic performance. Research shows that emotional and behavioural problems negatively affect learning; and if not identified and addressed early, put students at risk for greater problems later in their education. This article reviews a study examining the early identification of such problems in elementary school students.

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