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Supplemental Learning

In this video series, we are going to talk about surviving and thriving with supplemental learning.  Some people are thriving, many are struggling.  And a lot of us are somewhere in the middle.  One day things seem okay and the next you don't know how you're going to get through it.  You add being a parent, taking on the challenge of supplemental learning into the mix and it can be really overwhelming. This video series has been developed to offer a few ideas and support during these times.​

KTC | Supplemental Learning | Video 1: You Are Enough

You Are Enough: The most important thing right now is that your child feels secure and connected to the people who love them most – their parents and caregivers! ​

KTC | Supplemental Learning | Video 2: Stress

Managing Stress in a Pandemic: This video is going to focus on stress. School buildings have been closed and supplemental learning has been in place now for over 2 months. We hope you’ve settled into a routine, and that you are having more enjoyable times together as a family, than stressful times.

KTC | Supplemental Learning | Video 3: Routine

The Importance of Routine: Routine is important. It helps make it easier to navigate the day and balance the things you have to get done with the fun and relaxing things you want to do.

KTC | Supplemental Learning | Video 4: Working Together

Working Together So Kids Can Learn: This clip will focus on some of the unique ways parents can teach their children, while the school buildings are closed. You’ve heard that parents are their children’s best teachers and it’s really true.