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Parent Technology Support

Parents who are wanting to make application for technology hardware from South East Cornerstone Public School Division to support their child(ren)’s remote online learning following the Easter break (though to April 23 inclusive) are asked to initiate all requests with their school’s administration.  After the requests have been reviewed, the school will contact parents on how they may pick-up assigned technology equipment.

Students or parents who are requesting technology assistance with their child(ren)’s remote online learning may do so by clicking on the link below:

A login is required to access the link.  

Parents will need to use their child’s school division login, firstname.lastname and password 

ie john.smith and XXXXXXXX.

Office 365 (Word, PowerPoint, Teams, etc.) family information is available here.

If parents are having difficulty accessing the helpdesk portal, they may call Brian Belinsky at 306.848.4733.