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Our purpose is to provide safe and efficient transportation for students requiring access to school, in accordance with the Education Act and the Traffic Safety Act. SECPSD Bus Pic (2).jpgTransportation to and from school is provided to students using both school division owned and operated fleet and the use of a contracted bus provider. In 2018-19, school division fleet transported 3,292 students an average of 17,789 kilometers per day on 113 routes. First Student, the school division’s contracted bus provider, transported 853 students an average of 7,974 kilometers per day on 43 routes. This resulted in a combined annual total of 4,145 students being transported 4,740,392 kilometers. Transportation services were also provided for rural students residing in the Holy Family Roman Catholic Separate School Division catchment area to the cities of Weyburn and Estevan.

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Our purpose is to ensure the regular operation and orderly development of the Divisions facilities, and to allow for the efficient management of present of future needs. The Division recognizes its responsibility to provide a safe, secure environment for the students in its schools, its employees and others who may use its facilities. The Division requires an orderly schedule of maintenance and, if necessary, repair or replacement be developed, and that this process be supported by regular inspections of buildings, grounds and equipment.