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SECPSD School Fire Code Compliance Plan

 Suncorp Valuations was commissioned to conduct a Fire Safety Audit of all rural schools, as schools within Estevan & Weyburn are checked annually by their local fire departments.  The results were provided to the rural school Administrators in a report entitled 'Fire Inspection & Safety Audit Report' in January 2017, and all SECPSD school administrators were provided the Provincial Fire Commissioners 'School Fire Safety Guide for Educators' in October 2016.

 The Facilities & Transportation Department evergreen remediation plan provides a framework to streamline compliance priorities within the completion deadline dates. 

ACTION Responsibility Deadline Date Progress

1. School Fire Safety Guide for Educa​​tors

  • Distribute to Schools ​via email​
  • Present to School Administrators mtg.

Fac. & Trans. Dept.

 Oct. 2016





2. Fire Safety Audit – Suncorp Valuations

  • 27 rural Schools audited
  • code violations outlined which assesses risk & liability – 'Low', 'Medium' & 'High'

 Fac. & Trans. Dept.

 Jan. 2017


3. Communicate Fire Safety Audits

  • Share information with all school staff & SCC
  • Formulate internal plans to meet compliance

 School Admin.

 March 2017


4. Phase 1 – Compliance Remediation

  • School Fire Emergency Exit plan developed & posted at each doorway.  (laminated or framed)
  • General housekeeping in all rooms - classroom, staff, offices, storage, mechanical, etc.
  • Combustible materials to be removed from all ceilings, including on & around doors & windows.
  • Combustible materials to be removed from corridor walls that are not on an existing tack board.
  • ​Remove appliances (microwaves, hot plates, coffee pots, refrigerators, etc.) from classrooms & corridors.

-Remove lamps not permanently mounted & space heaters from classrooms.

-Flammable / combustible materials are to be stored in appropriate rooms.

-Under no circumstances is any additional furnishings allowed into the school that doesn't meet ULC requirements for flame resistance.

 School Admin.

 June 2017


Phase 2 – Compliance Remediation


-Ensure egresses are not blocked or reduced in any manner.  (I.e. furniture, vending machines, desks, tables, Phys.ed equipment, etc.)


-Remove ALL painted suspended ceiling tiles & replace with new tiles.  (includes oil & water based paint)



School Admin.



Fac. & Trans. Dept.





December 2017





Phase 3 – Compliance Remediation


-Identify present furnishings that meet ULC for flame resistance.

- Combustible materials to be removed from classroom walls that are not on an existing tack board.

-Replace /relocate corridor tack boards that don't comply with the 10% combustible materials code.



School Admin.




Fac. & Trans. Dept.






Sept. 2018


Phase 4 – Compliance Remediation


- Replace / relocate classroom tack boards that don't comply with the 20% combustible materials code.



Fac. & Trans.




Sept. 2019


Phase 5 – Compliance Remediation


- Add additional electrical outlets / pac-poles where required to reduce the use of extension cords & power bars.


-Review with school administration the current risk with furnishings that doesn't meet ULC for flame resistance.





Fac. & Trans. Dept.





June 2019


Phase 6 – Compliance Sustainability


- Work collaboratively to ensure Schools maintain a low risk & liability position with the Provincial Fire Commissioners Office & Suncorp Valuations.


School Admin.


Fac. & Trans. Dept.