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Early Years Evaluation

Each year, SECPSD uses the Early Years Evaluation (EYE)  in our kindergarten classrooms. The EYE provides kindergarten teachers with a framework to structure their regular observations in play-based learning environments in the classroom. The purpose of this assessment is to determine each child’s progress and development in five key areas that are closely linked with early learning and emerging literacy skills.

The five key areas are:


1. Awareness of Self and Environment;

2. Social Skills and Approaches to Learning;

3. Cognitive Skills;

4. Language and Communication; and,

5. Physical Development.


Parents receive a copy of their child’s results, with information in the five key areas, after the assessment is complete. EYE-TA results, along with other assessments, can help teachers to determine the type and amount of support required for each child to succeed in the classroom.

In an effort to meet each child’s learning needs and inform teaching decisions, results of the EYE can be used by educators to plan instruction for the entire class, for small groups and for individual students’ needs.

​If you would like more information about the EYE, please visit www.earlyyearsevaluation.com