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Title Deadline Value Requirements Information
Electronic Recycling Association
Electronic Recycling Association Scholarship
September 1, Annually $10,000 - $1 million ​Applicants must apply for a scholarship ID, then get individuals / businesses to ship laptops / smartphones (suitable for donation) using their ID.
RBC Aboriginal Student Awards Program
Opens September, annually $4000 ​Status and non-status Indians, Inuit or Métis pursuing post-secondary education;  be in financial need; two categories of awards - one for students majoring in disciplines related to the financial services industry and one for students majoring in disciplines unrelated to the financial services industry
Storwell Foster Children Bursary Program
September 1, Annually $2000
Applicant must have been a foster child with an official Canadian or American foster care program and agrees to having the organization verify the same.

Will be enrolled as a full-time student at a recognized general/ vocational College or post-secondary institution in Canada or USA as of Sept.
Title Deadline Value Requirements Information
Lorans Scholars
Loran Scholars Foundations Scholarship
October 13, Annually 36 x $100 000
​The Loran Award funds promising young Canadians who show the strength of character and a commitment to service in their communities, challenging them to fully realize their leadership potential.
Valued at up to $100,000, the Loran Award includes:
  • Study at one of 25 partner universities with an annual $10,000 living stipend and matching tuition waiver$10,000 in funding for three summer internships working in enterprise, public policy, and community development
  • The pairing of scholars with mentors who challenge them and introduce them to their new communities
  • An orientation expedition through Algonquin Park
  • Annual retreats and scholar gatherings
  • The opportunity to join an extensive community of individuals working toward a better country and world
Pretty Photoshop Actions Annual Scholarship
October 15, annually $500 ​Pretty Photoshop Actions recognizes the importance of higher education and the role it plays in our personal and professional fulfillment.   That’s why we are so excited to continue our Pretty Photoshop Actions $500 annual scholarship.  This ongoing scholarship provides college and university students an opportunity to earn money to further their education and achieve their goals!
Title Deadline Value Requirements Information
Terry Fox Humanitarian Award
Starting November 1, annually
up to $28000
For graduating secondary level students and those currently studying towards a first university degree or diploma in a Canadian post-secondary institution. Involvement in voluntary humanitarian work.​​
TD Scholarship for Community Leadership
November 15, annually 20 x $70 000 TD Scholarships for Community Leadership are open to students across Canada who:
Have demonstrated community leadership
Are in the final year of high school (outside Quebec) or CEGEP (in Quebec)
Have a minimum overall grade average of 75% in their most recently completed school year
Consolidated Credit Canada Scholarship Program
November 30, annually $1000
To receive a $1,000 scholarship, the applicant must:
Be a Canadian resident
Be able to prove they are either enrolled in or slated to start college / university in the upcoming semester
Submit an original essay
Title Deadline Value Requirements Information
Burger King Scholars
December 15, Annually $1000 - $50 000
Applicants must:
Have a strong academic record with a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.5,Be passionate about serving the community, and
Be a high school senior, BURGER KING® employee, spouse/domestic partner or child of an employee.​
You do not have to be a Burger King Employee!​
Allied Van Lines Scholarship
December 15, Annually 4 x $1000 ​Submit a brief essay of between roughly 400 and 800 words​​
North American Van Lines 2021 Logistics Scholarship Competition
December 15, Annually 4 x $1000 For students enrolling (or enrolled) in the Logistics field for an undergraduate degree.
Submit a brief essay of between roughly 400 and 800 words, detailing why logistics/supply chain management is important within your college major of choice.​
Horatio Alger Canadian Scholarships
December 31, Annually 160 x $5000
​To be eligible to apply for the Horatio Alger Canadian Scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:
Be graduating high school with plans to enter a post-secondary institution in the fall of 2018 or must be CEGEP students planning to pursue a university education
Exhibit a strong commitment to pursue and complete a degree at a post-secondary institution (in Quebec a three year vocational program or a two year preparatory program followed by a university degree are acceptable)Demonstrate critical financial need ($65,000 or less annual net income per family is required)Be involved in co-curricular and community service activities
Display integrity and perseverance in overcoming adversity
Maintain a minimum grade percentage of 65Attend high school (or CEGEP) and reside in Canada
Be Canadian citizens
Samuel Rochford Memorial Scholarship
December 31, Annually varies ​Available to student(s) in the Rural Municipality of Griffin, formerly the Griffin School District #2488.

An application is required, may be obtained from Lisa Knoblauch, scholarship committee member, at (306) 861-4316.  Applications can also be obtained from the R.M. office in Griffin.  Please return applications to a committee member. 

Verna J. Kirkness Education Foundation Program Scholarships
December 31, Annually Varies
Verna J. Kirkness Education Foundation (VJKF) Program for Indigenous (First Nations, Métis, and Inuit) high school students.
To enter applicants must provide:
  • parental consent form
  • a personal reference from a teacher
  • an essay simply telling 22 why they want to attend (50-400 words).
Title Deadline Value Requirements Information
Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan Bursary
(Weyburn Chapter)
January 15, annually $1000
​The Weyburn Chapter of the Superannuated Teachers of Saskatchewan is again offering a $1000 Scholarship to a first-year student enrolled in Education. The award will be presented to the winning applicant after one semester in Education has been successfully completed.
After your first semester of Education, submit your first semester marks and a transcript of your Grade 10, 11 and 12 marks before January 15th (of the year after graduation).
Jill Mack Memorial Scholarship
January 15, annually $5000 The Jill Mack Memorial Scholarship is an annual $5000 scholarship for a woman or non-binary Saskatchewan high school graduate to attend a Canadian recording arts school to develop professional sound technician skills in recording and live performance. Applicants should have a desire to work in the professional music industry in Saskatchewan.  

To be awarded this scholarship, the successful applicant will have to submit a full application, including an essay about their musical experience, desire to learn about the music industry, and how they will use their skills to help the music community of Saskatchewan.
Schulich Leader Scholarship
January 31, annually $80,000 - $100,000 ​Must be nominated by your high school.  Student must be entering first year in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math in a partnering University in Canada (U of S qualifies).  Students interested in Medicine or Medical Research are NOT eligible.  Must have two out of the following qualifications:  academic excellence, outstanding leadership, financial need​
erc Scholarship
January 31, annually $500 ​Applicants must write an essay, no more than 500 words in length, telling us where you see the future of the energy industry.​
Title Deadline Value Requirements Information
Kin Canada Bursaries 
February 1, annually $1000
​Applications are evaluated on community and school involvement, knowledge of Kin Canada, and financial need.  Students must be enrolling in post-secondary education.  Applications must be completed and returned to the closest Kinsmen, Kinette, or Kin Club​​
First Nations, Inuit & Metis Bursary and Scholarship Awards
February 1, annually Varies based on need ​Enrolled as a full-time student in undergraduate or graduate programs that are a minimum of one academic year at an accredited Canadian university or technical college. See site for application form and application requirements. ​
University of Saskatchewan - Competitive Entrance Awards
February 15, annually Varies ​Varies; To be considered, admission application must be completed by February 15th
Queen Elizabeth II Centennial Aboriginal Scholarship
February 28, annually $20 000 Every candidate must:
be a student of First Nations or Métis heritage;
have graduated from a Saskatchewan university (preference given to students who have attended the First Nations University of Canada);
be a Canadian citizen;
have an undergraduate degree in any discipline; 
have applied for admission or be enrolled in graduate or post-graduate studies  at  an accredited Saskatchewan university for the upcoming year; and
have applied for a thesis or project-based program.​
Queen Elizabeth II Scholarship
February 28, annually $20 000 Every candidate must:
​be a Canadian citizen, landed immigrant, or protected person;
have an undergraduate degree in any discipline;
have applied for admission or be enrolled in graduate or post-graduate studies for the upcoming academic year related to Saskatchewan politics and government (which includes Crown, Legislature, executive and related institutions) at either the University of Saskatchewan or the University of Regina; and
have applied for a thesis or project-based program.
Title Deadline Value Requirements Information
Ted Rogers Scholarship
March 1, annually 1 x $2500, renewable for 4 years Ted Rogers Scholarship through Indspire is for Canadian Indigenous students entering their first year of a post-secondary program in the fall of 2023.  It is a renewable award of $2,500 per year for students enrolled in a minimum two-year post-secondary program to a maximum of four years.  While enrolled in post-secondary students must maintain a full-time course load to receive the renewed support each year.
Agriculture Student Scholarship
March 1, annually up to $6000 For high school graduates attending post-secondary in the Fall who are preparing for a career in Agriculture;  Produce a three-minute creative video or write a well-researched 1000-word story that shares their food story.​​
Canadian Association of Principals Student Leadership Award 
March 1, annually 12 x $250 ​One Grade 12 student per school may be nominated by the school administrator; Based on leadership activities in the school and community and on academic achievement; Each nominee must complete the questionnaire and essay
CAA Scholarship Program 
March 1, annually
2 x $2500 
3 x $1250
​Must be a CAA member or dependent of a member; Must be attending Sask Polytechnic, U of R, or U of S; Demonstrates academic excellence, financial need, community involvement.
RE/MAX Quest for Excellence  
March 13, annually 40 x $1000
​Must be a high school student in Canada.
To apply for the Quest for Excellence scholarship, eligible students are invited to write and submit an online essay up to 1,250 words in length, answering one of the following questions:
  • What does a “bright future” look like for you?
  • How have you demonstrated leadership or charity within your community to make it a better place?
  • How can we ensure fair and affordable housing for all Canadians?
Queen's Diamond Jubilee Scholarship
March 15, annually 6 x $1000

Open to Grade 12 students, who are nominated by their high school and who will be attending a post-secondary institution in the Fall.    Nominees will be reviewed based on leadership, responsibilities outside of school, financial support needed, and academic performance.       ​
Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall Scholarship
March 15, annually 20 x $500 ​For Grade 11 students

A selection committee will consider four student qualities:
school and/or community-based leadership; 
responsibilities outside of school;
financial support needed; and
academic performance.​
The Leonard Foundation Financial Assistance Program 
March 15, annually $1000-$1500
​Students must be enrolling or be enrolled in a full-time first year undergraduate program in Canada. All applicants will be considered but preference will be given to daughters or sons of ordained clergy, licensed elementary or secondary school teachers, Canadian military personnel, graduates of a Canadian Military College, members of the Engineering Institute of Canada and members of the Mining and Metallurgical Institute of Canada​
University of Regina Entrance Scholarships
March 15, annually Varies Includes guaranteed awards for which no application is required and others where applications are needed.  Applications can be completed in print format using the posted application form or online through the UR self-serve student portals.
Horatio Alger Association of Canada
National Entrepreneurial Scholarships
March 15, annually 10 x $10 000
Basic eligibility criteria include:
· Be enrolled as a Grade 11 student
· Financial Need ($65,000 or less family income)
· Display integrity and perseverance in overcoming adversity
· Display strong commitment to pursue a bachelor’s degree at an
accredited university
· Maintain a minimum grade percentage of 70
· Be a Canadian citizen
SWNAHoratio Alger Association of Canada
 Canadian Scholarships
March 15, annually  160 x $5000
Basic eligibility criteria include:
· Be enrolled as a Grade 11 student
· Financial Need ($65,000 or less family income)
· Display integrity and perseverance in overcoming adversity
· Display strong commitment to pursue a bachelor’s degree at an
accredited university
· Maintain a minimum grade percentage of 70
· Be a Canadian citizen
Horatio Alger Association of Canada
Indigenous Achievement Scholarships
March 15, annually 5 x $10 000
Basic eligibility criteria include:
· Be enrolled as a Grade 12 student
· Identify as First Nation, Inuit or Metis
· Financial Need ($65,000 or less family income)
· Display integrity and perseverance in overcoming adversity
· Display strong commitment to pursue a bachelor’s degree at an
accredited university
· Maintain a minimum grade percentage of 70
· Be a Canadian citizen
JE John Evans Engineering Entrance Award March 17, annually $5000  Eligibility
Must self-identify as a female
Possess Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Residency Status
Be a high school graduate, entering into an accredited Canadian Engineering program
Mary Donaldson Award of Merit
March 31, annually $1200 ​The award winner will submit an article to SLAte on what winning the award has meant to them.​
Junior Citizen of the Year – SWNA, SaskPower and Lieutenant Governor of Sask 
March 31, annually 4 x $3000 ​Open to students aged 8 – 18; Must be nominated; Nominees should lead a positive lifestyle, inspire others, and be dedicated to community and school.​
PREAGPrecision Ag Scholarship Program March 31, annually 2 x $1000 Grade 12 students enrolling in agricultural degree or diploma programs.
Edie Mourre Scholarship
March 31, annually   The Edie Mourre Scholarship fund is intended to assist those who are pursuing employment as a braille transcriber or proofreader, or as an educator.  Eligible codes include: Unified English Braille, Code braille français uniformisé, music braille, or other braille systems.
Title Deadline Value Requirements Information
Retail Council of Canada Scholarships
April 1, annually 18 x $1000 - $5000 ​Applicants must write a 500-700 word essay on selected topics, provide a reference letter, be pursuing a retail, business or marketing-related post-secondary education program, and currently working part-time or full-time within the retail industry.​
4-H SK Scholarships
April 1, annually Multiple ($500 - $3000) Every year 4-H Saskatchewan has the opportunity to award some of our outstanding senior members with scholarships to assist with their post-secondary education. Awarding these scholarships is always a very difficult task, as all applicants consistently demonstrate outstanding levels of leadership with the 4-H program and their communities.
Canadian Hard of Hearing Association Scholarship Program
April 3, annually 3 x $1000, 1 x $2000 ​Applicants to the CHHA Scholarship Program must be either hard of hearing , deafened or oral deaf with the premise that all applicants use spoken language as their primary means of communication.​
TransCanada Community Scholarships 
April 15, annually 50 x $1000; 25 x $5000; 75 x $1000  ​Enrolled in post-secondary institution for the upcoming school year; permanent resident of Canada; Located in a community near TransCanada’s projects; Would benefit from supplementary education funding
Pretty Lightroom Presets Annual Scholarship
April 15, annually $500 ​Carefully research and compose an essay style Adobe Lightroom tutorial of 800 to 1,000 words, with screenshots and photos included to illustrate your points​.
Sam Hofer Memorial Scholarship Fund
April 15, annually $1500
Applicants must be passionate about agriculture and entering or currently pursuing an agricultural related program full-time at a Canadian college, university or apprenticeship (trade) institution.
Applicants must also provide
- Two references
- A reference letter
- Transcripts (high school or post-secondary)
*Awardees must present a university/college acceptance letter or letter of current enrolment before receiving the funds but may apply before they are accepted at such institution.*
Applications can be send to [email protected] with the subject line “Your Name Scholarship Application 2023”
Build a Better World Scholarship (Affinity Credit Union)
April 15, annually 30 x $1000 ​To be eligible, you (or your parent/guardian) must be an Affinity Credit Union member. 
A letter of reference, school transcript and two short answer questions are required as part of the application.
Elwood Harvey Co-operative Leadership Program
April 15, annually 20x$2500 ​This is a unique opportunity for Grade 11 students looking to learn about money, leadership, co-operatives and a whole lot more. This program is designed for young people who aspire to make a big difference in their community. Every year we welcome 20 students into this leadership program, and upon completion, each student receives a $2,500 award to help fund their post-secondary education.
Conexus Credit Union Youth Leadership Award 
April 16, annually 10 x $1500 ​A Grade 12 student, who demonstrates a cooperative spirit, community involvement, and leadership.  Must be graduating from a Saskatchewan high school.  Parent or student is a member of Conexus Credit Union
Weyburn Credit Union Scholarships 
April 16, annually 3 x $1000; 4 x $750 ​Awarded based on academic excellence and good citizenship.  Parent or student is a member of Weyburn Credit Union.    ​
Access Communications Scholarship Program
April 16, annually 20 x $1000 ​Applicants must have demonstrated record of volunteerism in the community in non-school sponsored activities; participation in extracurricular school activities; demonstrated leadership skills; academic achievement and have the endorsement of their school guidance counsellor or principal.
SIA Branch Scholarships
April 20, annually 6 x $1000 Applicants must be a grade 12 student or recent graduate (within the last two years) planning to enroll in a post-secondary program related to agrology, such as agriculture, bioresources, food or the environment in the fall of 2023.
The Fountainhead Essay Contest
April 28, annually 59 prizes from $50 - $10,000 ​Essay from grade 11 or grade 12 student on the selected topics related to The Fountainhead.​
Pat Fletcher Scholarship Foundation 
April 30, annually $2500 ​Open to any young Canadian golfer who is in need of financial assistance for the purpose of pursuing an education at the post-secondary level.​
myBlueprint Scholarships
April 30, annually 16 x $3,750
There are four (4) scholarship themes:
Diversity Scholarship
Financial Wellness Scholarship
Future Women Leaders Scholarship
STEM Scholarship by Scotiabank
Students can access the scholarship from their myBlueprint Account (Tasks Section) or by clicking Apply Now on the Scholarship Landing Page.
Paddy O’Rourke Poetry Scholarship
April 30, annually $3000
​The Paddy O’Rourke Poetry Scholarship is intended for any Saskatchewan student in Grade Twelve, or who has graduate​d from Grade Twelve in the past 24 months. The amount for 2022 is $3,000, to be awarded in June through the Saskatchewan Writers Guild. ​
Wheatland Accounting "I'm Passionate About" Scholarship
April 30, annually 3 x $500 ​To qualify you must explain; what makes you passionate about agriculture, what drives you to choose this industry for your future and your vision of the future of agriculture in this province. You may do this in the form of a written one page essay or a brief one to two minute video.

In addition to your essay or video, you are required to complete the application below that will ask for your contact information, transcript of marks, and some proof of the post secondary education that you are enrolled in for the fall of 2019.​
Title Deadline Value Requirements Information
SECTA School Award
May 1, annually $250
​Each high school will have a winner, determined by the local school.
This Award is determined based on a combination of factors, including GPA and student personal attributes.
Gabriel Dumont Institute Scholarships and Bursaries 
May 1, annually varies ​Open to Metis residents of Saskatchewan, who are entering a post-secondary education program.  Applicants must apply online and transcript is required.  ​
SaskTel Métis Scholarships
May 1, annually 8 x $2000 ​For self-declared Métis students planning to study in a field directly related to telecommunications. Programs include engineering, business and computer science.  Must demonstrate financial need and submit a statement about leadership skills and community involvement.​
Prince Edward Arts Scholarship
May 1, annually $1000 - $2500 The Prince Edward Arts Scholarship provides funding to students who are Saskatchewan residents and who have been accepted or have applied to study or train in arts programs at accredited post-secondary institutions or recognized arts training institutions.
Leavitt Machinery Scholarship Program 
May 1, annually $500 ​This scholarship requires applicants to write an essay about a situation you have been involved in or someone you know in where better safety procedures would have prevented an injury.  Academic performance is taken into consideration.
G3G3 Grow Beyond Scholarship
May 2, annually 6 x $4000
​Students must submit a 2-4 minute video describing their vision for the future of agriculture.
​Eligibility Requirements: Graduating in this school year
Planning to enroll in a Canadian Post-Secondary institution (degree or diploma-granting programs)​​
The Spirit of Sandra Scholarships
May 5, annually 6 x $5000 The applicant must:
• be a Canadian citizen.
• be studying at the post-secondary level in the 2021-2022 academic year and be enrolled in 6 courses during the academic year.
• have a minimum academic average of 75% or the equivalent GPA.
• be 20 years of age or under as of June 30, 2021.
• be committed to curling at the junior level during the 2021-2022 curling season.
Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation
May 6, annually 25 x $6000

Eligibility Criteria
In order to be eligible to apply, students must:
Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident in Canada
Demonstrate financial need
Have completed high school level education (or equivalent)
Be accepted to a PSE program at an eligible institution in Canada
May 12, annually 3 x $500
To qualify you must explain; what makes you passionate about agriculture, what drives you to choose this industry for your future and your vision of the future of agriculture in this province. You may do this in the form of a written one page essay or a brief one to two minute video.
In addition to your essay or video, you are required to complete the application below that will ask for your contact information, transcript of marks, and some proof of the post secondary education that you are enrolled in for the fall of 2023.
Deep Roots Scholarship Fund
May 15 $2000

Hebert Farms from the Maryfield/Moosomin area is offering a $2000 scholarship for a grade 12 student in Maryfield, Wawota, Moosomin, and Redvers.  He/she must be enrolled in a post-secondary program in agriculture or business.  The student is required to write a 500 word essay on ‘My involvement in the future of agriculture."

CWFOrville Erickson Memorial Scholarship May 25, annually $500 - $4000 

Open to students entering a field related to conservation; Three letters of reference are required (2 from teachers)​
Golf scholarship from SAGE
May 31, annually Two high school bursaries and 9 post-secondary scholarships annually valued at $400.00 to $1,000.00 ​Open to deserving golfers based on marks, membership and play.​
Les Donnelly Scholarship at the Saskatchewan Safety Council
May 31, annually Up to $1500 ​The recipient of the scholarship must be a Saskatchewan resident who is taking a college or university level program and has contributed to the health and safety of their community. Other criteria include financial need, extra curricular activities, and academic marks. Applicants must submit responses to selected questions along with their application.​
Saskatchewan Association of Student Council Advisors 
May 31, annually $100 - $1,000  ​Applicants must submit a current high school transcript and an essay (up to 500 words) describing their school and community involvement as well as 2 letters of recommendation.​
Louise Joanne Twerdy Leadership Bursary 
May 31, annually 1 x $10 000; Additional $5000 bursaries ​For students who have had a sibling, parent, or caregiver killed in an impaired-related car accident and are pursuing post-secondary education.
Saskatchewan Drama Association Entrance Scholarship 
May 31, annually $1000 ​Students must have a membership in the Sask. Drama Association for a minimum of one year, a 75% average, a letter of interest and two reference letters.  Enrollment into post-secondary education in theatre/drama or theatre/drama education
Luke Santi Memorial Award for Student Achievement
May 31, annually $1000 ​Award is presented to a student with the following qualities:  academic performance, interest in science, extracurricular activities, and volunteering – and is graduating high school to begin post-secondary education in Physical Sciences at a Canadian university.
CAPSLE Bursary
May 31, annually $1000
The following are the eligibility criteria for the Bursary:
(a)The applicant must have been accepted to a Canadian university program in a recognized Faculty of Education and/or Faculty of Law in the current academic year; 
(b)Priority will be given to applicants who identify as a member of a group that is under-represented in Education and/or Law. 
Crescent Point Energy SE Operations Scholarship
May 31, annually 2 x $1,500

The Crescent Point Energy SE Operations Scholarships are open to current Grade 12 students within South East Cornerstone Public School Division #209 with plans to enroll in a post-secondary program related to the oilfield sector (geology, engineering, environmental, production accounting, trades, etc). 
To apply please submit a one page essay with the below details to one of the addresses below:
  • Name and contact information
  • Where you are currently attending school
  • Where you have been accepted to pursue post-secondary education
  • What your anticipated field of study will be
  • What your future plans are within the oilfield industry once post-secondary education is complete
  • Why you believe you should be the recipient of the bursary.
eMail, drop off or mail application to:            
Attn:  Jodi Third
Crescent Point Energy
Box 70, 801 Railway Ave W
Carlyle, SK
S0C 0R0
FAX – 306-453-6733 Email: [email protected]
Attn:  Jodi Third
Crescent Point Energy
1845 1st Ave NE
Weyburn, SK
S4H 0A1
FAX – 306-842-0361​
Email: [email protected]

Union of National Employee’s High School Scholarships 
May 31, annually 11 x $1000 Grade 12 students about to pursue post-secondary education;        
Write a 1200 to 1500-word essay detailing how the union movement has helped to build the social values that Canadians hold dear.
Title Deadline Value Requirements Information
CIC Indigenous Bursary Program
June 1, annually $2,500 per semester or $5,000 per academic year for a full bursary ​The Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan (CIC) is funding a bursary for eligible Aboriginal students at the University of Saskatchewan, University of Regina, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Lakeland College and the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies (SIIT).  To be eligible for the bursaries, students must: be Status Indian, non-status Indian, Métis or Inuit; be Saskatchewan residents for at least the past 12 months; have satisfactory academic standing in completed post-secondary studies; be registered in at least 12 credit hours per semester; and maintain a 70 per cent average to receive bursaries in subsequent years.
Gerry McCudden Scholarship Award
June 2, annually $2000 ​The Scholarship will be allocated to a recipient who is a student in a Saskatchewan School Division which currently has a member in A4LE.

The candidate will submit a personal essay on the required 
Essay Subject:
“There has been increasing evidence that the design and condition of an educational facility has a significant impact on the quality of education and a student’s ability to learn.  In 500 words or less, please describe how your high school facility has contributed to the quality of your education.  Also, please describe the changes to your high school facility that you would propose, which you feel once implemented, would improve the quality of education.”
Bayer Fund Opportunity Scholarship
June 2, annually $1500 ​ Bayer Fund Opportunity Scholarship Program is available to Canadian high school students who are enrolled in their final year of high school as of May 31 and eligible to graduate from high school. Those eligible for a scholarship must be planning to enroll at a Canadian post‑secondary institution (degree or diploma) in a first-year agriculture, food science or culinary program.​
IBAS Young Community Leader Bursary
June 16, annually $5000
Be a Grade 12 student in Saskatchewan, graduating with an intent to pursue some form of recognized post-secondary education within the next two years (apprenticeship or trades program, college, university, etc.);
Demonstrate an exceptional commitment to their community through volunteerism and leadership of civic, school-based, and/or extra-curricular activities; 
Be a role model for their peers and the next generation of young leaders; and
Demonstrate academic achievement with a minimum cumulative Grade 11 average of 80%.
The Canadian Charolais Youth Association National Board Annual Essay Competition 
June 15, annually Awards vary from $75- $300. ​Open to students of all ages. Required to write an essay on a specific topic (intermediate and senior topic for 2019 -"Discuss the importance and challenges of trade for the Canadian Beef Industry."
AIAAIA Canada and the University of the Aftermarket Foundation (UofAF) Scholarship Program June 15, annually $1000
While all students are encouraged to apply, priority in awarding scholarships will be given to those pursuing a career in the automotive aftermarket. As a bonus, a matching grant is awarded to scholarship recipients who become technicians in the automotive aftermarket.
Matthewson & Co.'s Bursary Program
June 16, annually 3 x $500 ​3 Bursaries are available:
1. Current High School students attending post secondary

2. Current High School students planning to open a business

3. High School Graduate (+3 years or more)

Please email [email protected] to request more information
Canada's Outstanding Young Farmers Memorial Scholarship 
June 30, annually 2 x $1000 ​Must be pursuing post secondary education leading to a diploma or degree in agriculture. Applicants must submit an essay on a specific topic.​
Saskatchewan Trucking Association
June 30, annually 3 x $1000 ​Students of employees of the association membership can apply.​
Saskatchewan Association of Agriculture Societies Scholarships 
June 30, annually 2 x $1500, 2 x $1000 ​a) Nominated by an agricultural society and going into their first year of school
b) Community involvement, academic performance, future plans and reference letters 
c) Enrollment into post-secondary education school in Saskatchewan
June 30, annually $200 ​The Division will recognize student achievement in each Division school that has a grade 12 class by sponsoring an annual award of two hundred dollars ($200.00) to be presented to the grade 12 student with the highest academic average and who is entering a post-secondary institution, as determined through application of the criteria established.
This Award is determined based on GPA of students, determined at the school-level.
For more information, contact your school administrator or Career Development Counselor after June 1st of each year.
Physical & Health Educators of Saskatchewan
June 30, annually 5 x $300 A. The student must have a minimum of two Physical Education/Wellness or Health credits and be actively involved in the school Intramural and Extra-Curricular program. 
B. The student must have an average of at least 70% in subject areas required for minimum entrance requirements for his/her intended area of study. 
C. The recipient should exhibit strong leadership and sportsmanship qualities as well as being a positive role model in his/her school and/or community. 
D. The recipient must be enrolled in first year studies in one of the following programs in a Saskatchewan Post Secondary Institution:
  • College of Education with a major or minor in Physical Education and/or Health (U of S) 
  • College of Kinesiology (U of S) ● Faculty of Education with a major or minor in Physical Education and/or Health (U of R) 
  • Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies (U of R) 
  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic Recreation and Community Development program.
  • Accredited field in Health Education, Medicine, or Nursing.
CWB Welding Foundation Awards 
June 30, annually $2,000 - $3,000 ​High school students, who are applying into a welding program, or individuals enrolled in their first level of an apprenticeship program or pre-employment welding program.  Passion fo​r welding and financial need will be taken into consideration
Ben Sandison Memorial Scholarship
June 30, annually 3 x $1000
Supporting students continuing their education in writing, music or fitness.
3 Scholarships available; one for Writer's Craft, Sports and Fitness and Music / Drumming.
Title Deadline Value Requirements Information
National Union of Public and General Employees Scholarships
July 1, annually Multiple x $2500
A member or someone who has a parent, grandparent, or legal guardian who is a member or retired member of a NUPGE Component or affiliated union.
Students embarking on full-time or part-time studies at a Canadian public post-secondary institution are eligible to apply for these scholarships.
Thanks for Farming Scholarship
July 1, annually $1000 Rural students or urban 4H members Grade 11 or 12 looking to further their education with entering post-secondary education or trades courses. This is open to students in Saskatchewan.
Golf Canada Foundation Scholarships
July 2, annually $1000-5000
​Scholarships vary and only available at specific institutions – none in SK;
some allow student to attend outside Canada.​
Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest (DuckTape)
July 20, annually 2 x $500, 2 x $10 000 Each Entrant must create and wear to a prom: prom attire consisting of either a complete dress (the “Dress Category”) or a complete tuxedo (the “Tux Category”) and accessories made using Duck® brand duct tape and/or Duck® brand crafting tape (“Duck Tape® Prom Attire”). Other materials, in addition to Duck® brand duct tape, may be used or incorporated into the design. Entrants must submit at least one photo of the Entrant showing the Entrant wearing Duck Tape® Prom Attire; the location of the photograph is at the discretion of the Entrant.​
Novus Biologicals Scholarship Program
July 20, annually $1500
​Applicants must have a major declared in a science related field (list of accepted studies in application above).
Enrolled or accepted for enrollment (baccalaureate, graduate, associate degree, or diploma)
Open in the US, Canada, and European countries only
No GPA requirement
DCCI Scholarship for Canadian Students with Disabilities
July 31, annually $1000
Applicant must be currently registered to a full-time program of study in the field of study in health care, criminal justice or community & social services at an accredited Canadian post-secondary college or university
Applicant must be a Canadian citizens or permanent resident of Canada
Applicant must have a documented disability
Applicant must be under 20 years of age at time of application
Municipal Hail Scholarship
July 31, annually $1000 Applicants must be enrolled in a university or technical institute in SK and be a dependent of a client, employee or agent of Municipal Hail.​
Title Deadline Value Requirements Information
Nelson Scholarship Program
August 1, annually 2 x $10 000
Civic Leadership Scholarship:
Awarding students who have demonstrated academic success, personal strength, and determination in their commitment to civic engagement and leadership.
Indigenous Student Scholarship:
Awarding First Nation, Métis and Inuit student leaders who have demonstrated academic success, personal strength, with the intent to pursue post-secondary studies in Education.
*Applicants may only apply to one scholarship opportunity.
Aboriginal Post-Secondary Education Bursary Award
August 1, annually varies ​Post-secondary studies of at least 2 years pursuing a certificate, diploma or degree. May also be in a bridging or transition program. See site for more information and application​
Dennis McGann Bursary Fund
August 1, annually $1000 ​Awarded to a student entering or continuing in a communications program who are Canadian citizens or Landed Immigrants.  Based on financial need and community service.
LiveBright Scholarship Program
August 10, annually 5 x $2000 Scholarships will be awarded based on: 
Leadership and participation in school and community activities  
Past academic performance  
Work experience  
Desire to pursue a career in business, the investment industry, or financial planning 
Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan - Edgar Alexander Garton Scholarships
August 11, annually 3 x $1500 ​Offered annually to undergraduate students who have completed one or more years of University, Sask. Polytechnic, or other post-secondary education. Students must be children or grandchildren of a Master Mason in good standing, a resident of Saskatchewan and attending a post-secondary institution in Saskatchewan. ​
Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan -
Robinson Memorial Bursary
August 11, annually 2 x $500 Offered annually for one undergraduate from the University of Saskatchewan and one undergraduate from the University of Regina pursuing a course leading to an honours degree or a Master’s degree in English, who demonstrates academic achievement, and leadership. Must be registered for a full academic load for a full academic year as required by the institution chosen. ​
Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan -
AF & AM Post Secondary Education Bursary
August 11, annually 2 x $500 ​Offered annually to an undergraduate student from the University of Saskatchewan or the University of Regina who is a resident of Saskatchewan. Selection will be based on academic achievement, sportsmanship and leadership. Must be registered for a full academic load for a full academic year as required by the institution chosen. ​
Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan -
Masonic Youth Trust Scholarship Award
August 11, annually 6 x $1500 ​Offered annually to Saskatchewan High School graduates who proceed to an institution of higher learning anywhere in Canada. Selection is based upon academic achievement, leadership skills, community and school activities, and special awards. Must be registered for a full academic load for a full academic year as required by the institution chosen. ​
Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan -
Masonic Youth Bursary
August 11, annually $1200 ​Offered annually to Saskatchewan High School graduates who proceed to an institution of higher learning anywhere in Canada. Selections are based upon academic achievement, financial need, leadership skills, community and school activities and special awards. ​
Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan -
August 11, annually $1000 ​Offered annually to Saskatchewan high school graduates with preference to graduates who currently are or were members of the International Order of Job’s Daughters or the Order of DeMolay and who will be entering the University of Regina or the University of Saskatchewan. Selection will be based upon academic achievement and a range of non-academic activities.​
Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan -
August 11, annually $1500 ​The award is offered annually to a Saskatchewan resident who is or will be attending a University or Technical Institute in Saskatchewan. Selection is based upon academic achievement and extra-curricular activities.  Candidates must be closely related to a current member of a Saskatchewan Eastern  Star Chapter (dues paying or life). Valid relationships include spouse, child,  grandchild, sibling, niece or nephew (all biological, adopted or step), or be a  member themselves. If there is no OES connection then a Masonic relationship is  required. Preference will be given to graduates who are closely related to a current  member of the Order of the Eastern Star.  Applicants must be registered for a full academic load for a full academic year.
Jack Moore Memorial Scholarships and Burgess Bursaries
August 15, annually $300, 10 scholarships, 10 bursaries ​Awarded to Children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of Veterans, ex-service or still serving military or RCMP personnel entering first year of university, technical school or business college.  Awarded to Saskatchewan residents, but are free to attend out-of-province schools.  Based on academic achievement for the scholarships.  Based on academic achievement and financial need for the bursaries.
ATCO Indigenous Education Awards Program
August 15, annually $500 - $1500

There are three different awards available:
Merit - $500 for students completing grades 10-12, including upgrading.
Bursary - $1,000 for students registered in a trade, community, or technical college diploma program.
Scholarship - $1,500 for university or graduate degree students.
The awards are presented to select students who demonstrate leadership capabilities and commitment in their quest for higher education. To be considered for an award, students must complete the on line application form, and submit the required documentation, including:
  • Reference letter
  • Proof of enrollment for upcoming school semester
  • Short essay (500-1000 words)
  • School transcript
Jeremy Dias Scholarship
August 30, annually varies ​Applicants must be Canadian citizens; and must be a high school student entering accredited post-secondary institutions, or students currently enrolled in a post-secondary institutions.  The ideal winner(s) of this scholarship will be student(s) who have worked to eliminate discrimination within their school or community, as demonstrated by their application essay and references.  Requires: application form; Two reference letters; A current resume; An essay of up to 250 words describing efforts to eliminate discrimination in their community and A recent photo.
Saskatchewan School Boards Association Education Scholarships
August 31, annually 2 x $2500 ​Scholarship recipients are selected on the basis of demonstrated good character, community leadership, financial need, and a 500-word essay. ​
SHA Scholarship: Hockey Education Assistance Grants
August 31, annually 12 x $1000 ​Must meet the following criteria:
Registered for three (3) years and be in good standing in the S.H.A.; graduating Grade 12 student (except for: Junior A, B, & C players and Senior players 20 years of age or under); going to attend a Saskatchewan based University, affiliate College or Sask Polytechnic within four (4) years or within one year for Junior A recipients.
Saskatchewan Government Employees Union – Education Sector Scholarships
August 31, annually varies ​Awarded to dependents of SGEU member.  Proof of acceptance as a full-time student at any approved post-secondary public institution in Saskatchewan is required.  Applicants must submit a transcript of marks from previous school year.
Title   Value Requirements Information
Saskatchewan Scholarship of Honour
​The Saskatchewan Scholarship of Honour recognizes Saskatchewan soldiers serving in the Canadian Forces. The Scholarship is also available to family members (spouse and children) of fallen or disabled soldiers.​
GoTranscript Academic Scholarship Program
$1000 USD Requirements:

Applicant must be a high school senior or current full-time college freshman.
Applicants must complete a 500 - 1000 word essay.
This list is for reference only.  If you find discrepancies, please report them here.