Orange Shirt & National Truth & Reconciliation Day @ MacLeod

Here's how MacLeod Elementary School recognized Orange Shirt/National Truth & Reconciliation Day.

We headed as a school to our local Community Labyrinth.  We were honoured to have Joy Flaman and two of her friends lead us with the beautiful sounds of drumming.  Once there, our outdoor assembly began with O’ Canada sung in Cree. Joy shared her knowledge of the seven sacred teachings, demonstrated smudging and sang a beautiful song.  We were honoured by her knowledge.  We then moved into an activity in which each student painted an orange rock and then placed it with others to create an orange heart to remember the lives lost in residential schools.  Students then headed back to school where they watched some amazing cartoon videos on being Indigenous and to learn of the importance of National Truth and Reconciliation Day.  We coloured Orange Shirt and Every Child Matters day pictures, and enjoyed an orange treat! It was an action packed, remarkable way to spend the day!