For complete Grade 12 standing, students must acquire a minimum of 24 credits, five of which must be at the Grade 12 level. English Language Arts A 30 and B 30 are compulsory. One of Social Studies 30 or History 30 or Native Studies 30 (Canadian Studies requirement) plus one credit from each of the science and social science areas of study at the Grade 11 or 12 level are compulsory. In addition, two credits are required from the arts education and practical and applied arts areas and one credit from the health/physical education area of study at the 10, 20, or 30 level.
Students require nine elective courses at the secondary level. These courses include at least six at the Grade 11 and 12 level. To fulfil elective requirements, students may choose courses from the Required Areas of Study, the practical and applied arts, language courses, and locally developed courses. In addition, students may acquire one credit for an out-of-school personal learning initiative (special project credit effective September, 1997).
For more information on school level graduation requirements, please talk to your school guidance counsellor, or visit the Ministry of Education web site 

Adult 12

If you are 18 and have been out of school for at least a year, or are 19, you are eligible to obtain an Adult 12. Under the Adult 12 Policy, an adult may attain a Grade 12 standing by successfully completing 7 credit classes.  Prerequisite requirements are waived for adults. Credits may be attained by taking the course from a Saskatchewan secondary school, by correspondence, or a Saskatchewan post-secondary institution approved to offer secondary level courses. Adults also have the option of challenging a departmental examination.
Students who wish to obtain Adult 12 should contact the Ministry for an evaluation of the standing of their program.  A student may begin such a program before they become an adult, but such standing would not be granted until the student does meet the adult requirements.
Students wishing to enter post-secondary programs should be sure the confirm with that institution that their Adult 12 diploma will be sufficient to enter the program.  An Adult 12 diploma is clearly marked as such; not all post-secondary institutions will accept this standing.
Compulsory courses for Adult 12 (secondary completion) are:
         English Language Arts A 30 and English Language Arts B 30;
         One Canadian Studies course (History 30, Native Studies 30, or Social Studies 30)
         One level 20 or level 30 mathematics;
         One level 20 or level 30 science;
         Two electives at level 30 (one may be Prior Learning 30; locally-developed courses may also be used to meet elective requirements)
         Courses from the following series may also meet requirements for completion: 21, 31; 20A, 30A鈥
Credits obtained through the K-12 system may be transferred to the Adult 12 program.