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Stay in the moment!

May 28, 2020

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Dear Families,

Welcome to another week of the SECPSD Connection Challenge!

In these times of uncertainty, it is normal and natural for our minds to worry. You see, our brains are wired to do this to help us survive! Back in the caveman days, we needed to think about all the possible threats that could happen; this ability helped us survive and thrive.

Even though we are living in a global pandemic, most of us are still safe. There is a threat out there, COVID-19, that has changed the way we live. 

It is important to practice staying in the moment, especially when our worries clutter our minds, causing anxiety. Reminding ourselves to stay in the moment and think positively will help us work through that anxiety, instead of getting stuck in it. Practicing gratitude and mindfulness are some ways that can help us stay in the moment.

We hope that you might find this wellness information useful, but as in previous weeks, please know that it is not mandatory to participate. Remember that you can access counsellor support by contacting Treena Zelyck and Lindsey Wagner at and  

For additional information on the importance of relaxation, including articles, videos, and suggestions on how to find calm, please visit our division website at


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