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It is our vision to ensure success for every student in a safe and caring environment
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Our Staff

  • 1QP1061
    Nina LonsberryNina Lonsberry
    Mrs. Lonsberry also teaches Grade 8 ELA and Math.
  • 1QP1345
    Melanie BrandowMelanie Brandow
    Mrs. Brandow also teaches Grade 4 Science, Grade 4 Music and Grade 1/2 arts ed
  • 1QP1127
    Elizabeth GiesbrechtElizabeth Giesbrecht
    Grade 1/2
    Jon NickelJon Nickel
    Grade 2/3
  • 1QP1285
    Randy HalabuzaRandy Halabuza
    Learning Support Teacher
    Mr. Halabuza also teaches Grade 4 Social Studies and Grade 4 Math
  • 1QP1342
    Janet MannJanet Mann
    Grade 5/6
  • 1QP1214
    Chanda HenryChanda Henry
    Grade 7/8
    Mrs Henry is also teaches grade 7 Math and ELA and all other subjects Grade 7/8.
  • 1QP1010
    Sheri RucksSheri Rucks
    Administration Assistant
  • 1QP1008
    Melissa RensbyMelissa Rensby
    Librarian/Educational Assistant
  • Dichelle
    Dichelle KukuraDichelle Kukura
    Educational Assistant
    Carrie StopplerCarrie Stoppler
    Educational Assistant
  • 1QP1351
    Adrienne RondeauAdrienne Rondeau
    School Counsellor
  • 1QQ1009
    Tracey DanelukTracey Daneluk
  • 1QP1015
    Tanya DirksTanya Dirks
  • 1QQ1095
    Jeff LundeJeff Lunde
  • sara
    Sara EastSara East
    Speech Pathologist
    Kristy CooperKristy Cooper
    Grade 4/5 Teacher
    Miss Cooper teaches Grade 4/5 ELA, PE and Health, Grade 5 Math, Social and Science.
  • /_layouts/15/Images/Scholantis/Shared/wave%204/ProfileImage
    Sarah WilsonSarah Wilson
    Response to Intervention Teacher
    Ms. Wilson also teaches Grade 3 Math, Kindergarten PE and Grade 2/3 Arts Ed.
NameJob TitleE-mailWebsite
Melanie BrandowTeacher 
Kristy CooperTeacher 
Tracey DanelukCaretaker 
Tanya DirksCaretaker 
Sarah DobosTeacher 
Torie FroeseEducational Assistant 
Melissa GartnerTeacher 
Elizabeth GiesbrechtTeacher 
Randy HalabuzaTeacher 
Chanda HenryTeacher 
Dichelle KukuraAdministrative Assistant 
Nina LonsberryPrincipalWebsite
Jeff Lunde.weldTeacher 
Janet MannTeacher 
Jon NickelTeacher 
Melissa RensbyEducational Assistant 
Carrie StopplerEducational Assistant