Spruce Ridge School
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Bell Times

โ€‹Bell Times

โ€‹9:00 am           Classes begin

10:05 โ€“ 10:20 am     First morning recess

 10:35 โ€“ 10:50 am       Second morning recess

 11:50 am         End of morning classes

 11:50 am โ€“ 12:13 pm First lunch recess

12:13 โ€“ 12:17 pm     Transition time

12:17 โ€“ 12:40 pm       Second lunch recess

12:40 pm         Classes resume for afternoon

1:40 โ€“ 1:55 pm           First afternoon recess

2:10 โ€“ 2:25 pm           Second afternoon recess

3:30 pm           End of classes / Dismissal