Hillcrest School
Success and Achievement for Every Student in Every School
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Principal's Message

Hillcrest School: A school where every child is a success story waiting to be told.


Imagine a school:


Which is full of fun, madness, zest, and excitement;

A place where students and staff feel safe and secure;

Where innovative programs are based on praise and positive reinforcement;

Where students are encouraged to realise their potential;

And they are extended and challenged;

-              This is that school!


Hillcrest is a place for children. This is an exciting school in which to learn and teach and is well known for its compassion, caring, creative and responsive learning environment. The staff are a happy, crazy bunch, with a strong togetherness and team spirit. They really care about their job, they work hard, and they also enjoy having fun.


Hillcrest is also a place for families. When your child enrols at our school you also become part of our community. We'd love to have you join us on our shared educational adventure.


Please take a few minutes to look through the website and learn about our awesome school. If you have any questions or would like to meet us please contact me at the school, 306-634-4931.

David Gillingham, Principal