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Principal's Message


Welcome back!

We have kicked off the 2020-2021 school year with an amazing response of resilience and adaptability. I want to thank everyone in the Alameda School community, from students, staff and families for their support and teamwork in making our opening a success. We as a community have all experienced change and uncertainty since last March and it has been a tricky road to navigate. We the staff of Alameda, under our Provincial and SECPSD Guidelines have planned a safe and supportive environment that will do what we need to meet the needs of our students. In return, the student response has been exceptional and they have worked hard to learn the changes to our new structure. Going forward, as a community team, we will all work together to make sure we provide a connected school atmosphere and make sure we have that sense of culture and belonging. Stay tuned for new activities and re-packaged traditions in our 2020-2021 school year. 

We are very lucky to have new staff members join us in our Grade 5/6/7 classroom and library. Damara Juneau is coming into our Grade 5/6/7 classroom and Melissa Gervais is joining us in the library. They are both eager and bringing a great skillset to our school team.  

As we go forward in our new year we will delve deeper in our focus on 3 key areas - Effort, Learning and Mistakes. The following is our new visual model to guide our school community on the educational path.

Alameda School VisionFocusing on what students can control: their Effort, their Learning and their ability to persist through Mistakes and adversity.
1. We are emotionally committed to achievement in building a strong culture of education. 2. We are professional in all that we do in support of our school community.3. Recognize that effort and enjoyment tend to go hand-in-hand. Find ways to find enjoyment in all that we do.4. We go the extra mile and put in our best effort. 
5. We fill each other's emotional tanks. We recognize and celebrate each other and we support each other in our disappointments.6. We continue to innovate with relentless commitment to continuous improvement.7. We let go of our mistakes, learn from them and move on. 8. We believe leadership is making our school community better and more productive and we are committed to being leaders, each of us, even when it is hard. 


Thank you again for all that you do in support of your children and Alameda School. We all look forward to making more memories and working together to create an amazing school experience. ​

Warmest regards,           

Bryan Rice
Alameda School ​