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HomeLogic and StudentAchieve Parent Portal will be shut down in Fall 2020 when Edsby will take over informing parents of attendance, academic achievement and family engagement.​

Stay up-to-date with your child's academic achievement and attendance through the StudentAchieve Parent Portal (for Grades 1 - 9) and HomeLoigc (Grades 10 - 12).  These web-based parent and student portals provide the opportunity to stay up-to-date with student achievement.  Achievement marks for all subjects are reported in addition to student attendance, student schedules, unofficial transcripts, assignments, and other class and school events posted by the classroom teacher. A single sign-on for parents and guardians provides access for multiple children in a family, and an automated email notification alert feature improves communication between home and school.  
South East Cornerstone believes that the reporting of assessment is vital to the critical partnership between home and school. Communication between teachers and parents and guardians concerning student progress must always remain open and be an ongoing process. While periodic report cards are one way of transmitting information about student progress to parent and guardians, we believe that more frequent sharing of information strengthens the essential association between home and school.
Parent involvement is proven to be critical to the advancement of a student’s education. South East Cornerstone School Division encourages and values such involvement by parents and guardians.  
Access the StudentAchieve Parent Portal through HomeLogic at http://gradebook.cornerstonesd.ca/HomeLogic/ or by following links on either the Parent or Student Tabs of the website: http://www.secpsd.ca.
Parents and students may self-register for access by clicking the “New User” link found on the login screen. 
Please contact your school if you require assistance in registering.

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