Early Learning

The Early Years ​​set the foundation for lifelong learning.                                                  Our Vision of Early Learning.png

In SECPSD, we offer a variety of supports for children and families before formal schooling begins (KidsFirst programs, Early Learning Programs, Prekindergarten Programs, IMPACT Events, Welcome to SECPSD Events) that recognize the family as the child's first and best teacher.


If you are curious about your child's growth and development:

Download the Milestone Tracker mobile app​, or visit ​​the CDC Milestone Webpage​.​

​If you are concerned about your child's growth and development​​​​, or would like more information about SECPSD early learning programs, please contact:

Jacquie Gibbs

Early Learning Coordinator, SECPSD




Birth to Five

The human brain undergoes an amazing period of growth in the first few years and is influenced by a child’s experiences, environments, and relationships. Getting ready for school begins at birth. 

SECPSD offers two important programs to support families in this important work:

 1. Early Learning (ECIP)

 2. Regional KidsFirst.

1. Early Learning / Early Childhood Intervention Program (ECIP)

 For children (ages birth to five) and their families, free of charge, we provide...

· Home and/or center-based visits with families.
· Developmental screening.
· Support to parents as they set goals for their child.
· Referrals to other agencies.
· Play-based programming specific to the child's needs.
· Support in transitioning children into Kindergarten, Prekindergarten or other suitable programs.
· Support, encouragement, and resources for parents.


2.  Regional KidsFirst

Our SECPSD Regional KidsFirst Community Liaison works with communities to support children and families in the early years, providing a number of free programs: family literacy events, car seat clinics, IMPACT early childhood fairs, Main Street Mobile, newcomer playgroups, parenting classes, Pop Up playgroups, and Welcome Baby community baby showers.

Early Years Evaluation (EYE)

Each year, SECPSD uses the Early Years Evaluation (EYE)  in our kindergarten classrooms. The EYE provides kindergarten teachers with a framework to structure their regular observations in play-based learning environments in the classroom. The purpose of this assessment is to determine each child’s progress and development in five key areas that are closely linked with early learning and emerging literacy skills.

The five key areas are:
1. Awareness of Self and Environment;
2. Social Skills and Approaches to Learning;
3. Cognitive Skills;
4. Language and Communication; and,
5. Physical Development.

Parents receive a copy of their child’s results, with information in the five key areas, after the assessment is complete. EYE-TA results, along with other assessments, can help teachers to determine the type and amount of support required for each child to succeed in the classroom.
In an effort to meet each child’s learning needs and inform teaching decisions, results of the EYE can be used by educators to plan instruction for the entire class, for small groups and for individual students’ needs.

​If you would like more information about the EYE, please visit www.earlyyearsevaluation.com 

​If you are concerned that your child may not be meeting developmental milestones, please contact:

Jacquelene Gibbs, Coordinator of Early Learning SECPSD (Jacquie.gibbs@secpsd.ca)​ and/or check out our Early Learning Program.

Three and Four Prekindergarten

Prekindergarten programs are offered in several communities across the school division:  Moosomin, Carlyle, Arcola, Oxbow, Carnduff, Estevan (2), and Weyburn (2).  Prekindergarten teachers are certified to teach in Prekindergarten-Grade 12 schools and are supported by each school's team of teachers and  specialists.

Space is limited for these quality early learning programs. Meetingare held each Spring in order to select Prekindergarten students for the following Fall. Please print, complete and submit an application to your nearest Prekindergarten program as soon as possible.

Prekindergarten programs support children and families as they lay the foundation for later school success through an emphasis on the whole child, developmentally appropriate practice, and strong family engagement.  

For more information regarding Saskatchewan's Prekindergarten programs, follow the links to these guiding documents from the Ministry of Education on the side bar.

Early Learning Intensive Support (ELIS) Pilot

​The Early Learning Intensive Support Pilot is a program for young children who require intensive supports to meet their potential. Spaces are available in a number of communities in Saskatchewan. Please contact jacquie.gibbs@secpsd.ca to see if spaces are available in your community.  For more information regarding this pilot or to access the application form, follow the links on the side bar.

Welcome Events

Children of families who engage in early learning activities at home, and have materials available to enrich these experiences, show more advanced vocabulary and literacy skills. (Rodriguez & Tamis-LeMonda, 2011)

When families and the programs where children learn work together and support each other in their respective roles, children have a more positive attitude toward school, stay in school longer, have better attendance, and experience more school success. (Henderson & Mapp, 2002)​

​'IMPACT' Early Learning Fairs (3 year olds)

IMPACT Events are hosted by community partners including Kidsfirst, Early Learning (ECIP), Regional Libraries, and Schools.  As children (3 years old) and their families circulate through the many developmentally-appropriate activities, children gather a bag full of take-home gifts.  

For parents who are interested, Early Learning Consultants are on hand to discuss an Ages and Stages Questionnaire, share ideas for teaching and learning through play, and connect families with community supports and services.  

Thesevents take place two years before children start kindergarten.  Please contact your school, ASAP, to register your child for this mid-Winter event.

Welcome to SECPSD' Events (4 year olds)

Welcome events in SECPSD bring together families, community agencies and schools to support children as they prepare to enter school.  Parents and teachers can share strategies and resources for learning and support children in a successful transition to school.

Learning centers and take-home gifts are developmentally appropriate. The atmosphere is relaxed and conversational. 

Thesevents take place a full year before children start kindergarten.  Please contact your school, ASAP, to register your child for this Fall event.​

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