English as an Additional Language

The Division recognizes that learning goes both ways and it is therefore also important for those working with the students to respect, understand, appreciate and learn from different ways of life.

To that end, an EAL Intake and Initial Assessment Toolkit was created and provides information on registration, assessment processes and review for the families, as well as four focus areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The creation of a new blackboard  website which provides teaching strategies and resources, modelling and sharing of teaching strategies with classes around the Division, as well as the purchasing of resources provide additional support are also important initiatives undertaken by the Division. Assessment professional development sessions for RTI coaches in all areas of the Division have been provided, with additional resources being created to increase student success in Math.

The Division will work with new teachers to develop EAL courses, more modelling and sharing of EAL teaching strategies in classes around the Division and more EAL resources and support for Mathematics and Science. Translation services for written materials, both for school-parent communications and for parts of the EAL Assessment Toolkit, will also be provided.

EAL Drop-In Virtual Tutorials.pngEAL Consultant Liz Rowley is now offering virtual drop-in tutorial support for EAL students! Students can contact Liz directly for support, or teachers can encourage them to join the drop-in tutorial. Tutorial support is available via phone, email, or TEAMS to any EAL student in SECPSD!

Phone or text Liz at (306) 461-5407

Email or TEAMS: liz.rowley@secpsd.ca