First Nations & Métis Education


The First Nations and Métis Education Plan guides school divisions in an annual planning, monitoring, and reporting cycle that is aligned with the school division's Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) to improve achievement outcomes for all Saskatchewan students.  All school divisions will develop a three-year First Nations and Métis Education Plan (FNMEP) as a component of the Continuous Improvement and Accountability Framework (CIAF).

South East Cornerstone Public School Division (SECPSD) is committed to First Nations and Métis Education with the goal of building, supporting and assessing equitable opportunities and achievement for students of First Nations and Métis ancestry.  There continues to gaps in First Nations and Métis student achievement levels when compared to other students.  The First Nations and Métis Education Plan (FNMEAP) reflects SECPSD's commitment to implementing promising practices in order for all students to demonstrate academic achievement and well-being. 

First Nations and Métis education is a priority with the SECPSD Board of Education.


The purpose of this plan is to:

  • Improve student achievement for First Nations and Métis students;
  • Close the achievement gap between First Nations and Métis students and other students
  • Increase First Nations and Métis parent, family and community engagement
  • Enhance partnerships with First Nations and Métis homes and communities
  • Improve First Nations and Métis graduation rates
  • Improve First Nations and Métis transitions
  • Shape SECPSD to be more culturally relevant, sensitive, welcoming and affirming

These policy goals are written as areas of priority.

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Treaty Education Outcomes and Indicators K-12 

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