Agricultural Equipment Technician Program



Agricultural Equipment Technician 20L/30L

Course Description

These courses will only be open for Semester 1 (September to January) and Yearlong (September to June) registrations and will open for registrations on June 1.

In this courses, students learn to identify different farm implements, explore how they are used in the agricultural process, and acquire fundamental knowledge of the tools used in their upkeep and repair. Students will also learn basic safety practices.

This course consists of 50 hours of online theory, 40 hours of practical learning in a work study placement, and 10 hours at a boot camp on Saskatoon's Sask Polytechnic campus*. There will be additional extra-curricular opportunities for students such as equipment demo days, site tours, and speaker events (optional). Students will be required to complete all of the theory component before being placed in the work study portion of the course.

These courses will not count as a PAA credit on your transcripts. This is a Locally Determined Option course and upon completion will count as a 20 or 30 level elective credit.

* This 10 hour boot camp can also be rolled into the work study component, bringing those hours up to 50.

For more information, please visit SECPSD's Agriculture Technician​ Page or SunWest DLC's Ag Tech site

What is an Agriculture Equipment Technician?

How this program works:

Students will have approximately 50 hours of online course materials to work through using Sun West DLC's online learning centre.

Students will also have a work placement (similar to CWEX courses) assigned at a local agriculture dealership (dependent on availability), where they will need to complete 40-50 hours.

Sun West will handle coordinating the actual work placement locations, tuition fee payments, and all mark submissions. ​