Digital Literacy & Online Safety

A message from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education & Lynn Huxtable of MediaSmarts

​The Saskatchewan Ministry of Education has licensed MediaSmarts' three Canadian-based, English and French, resources on digital literacy: MyWorld for intermediate and high schools, Passport to the Internet for elementary schools and the Web Awareness Workshop Series for K-12 teachers. This licence permits students and teachers in the provincially funded school system to use the resources for free until June 2016.​



The Passport to the Internet and MyWorld classroom tutorials use simulations of the favourite online environments and activities of each age group to teach students about:

  • online safety
  • cyberbullying
  • protecting privacy
  • managing online relationships
  • authenticating online information, and
  • recognizing marketing ploys

The professional development (PD) program the Web Awareness Workshop Series helps K-12 teachers understand and address these key issues. The six workshops are available in Flash and HTML5 with audio so that teachers can manage their own PD time. The workshops are also available as PowerPoint files with speaking notes and facilitator guides to support group PD sessions.

You can read more detailed descriptions of each resource on MediaSmarts' website:

 Students and teachers may access these free resources by following the MediaSmarts links on

Staff and students will need to use their provincial Blackboard login credentials when accessing these resources from home.

Lynn Huxtable

Director, Corporate Affairs
MediaSmarts / HabiloMédias
Canada's Centre for Digital and Media Literacy


Access Information

  • The following links may be used to access Media Smarts:


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​Teacher​Teacher - SchoolTeacher - Home


  • Teachers and students will need to use their provincial Blackboard account to access these resources.
  • Standard provincial Blackboard usernames are firstname.lastname, with a four digit password based on their birthdate (MMDD).
  • If you have changed your Blackboard password and forgotten it, request a password reset here.