Home Based Schooling

​​​​​​​​​​​Families may, for a variety of reasons, elect to educate their children at home, on a home based program. Students who are in a home based program must be registered at the division office.

There are several annual requirements to be enrolled in a home school program for each student. Required documents and guides are provided in the documents section below.

  1. Complete and send in a Home School ​Student Registration Form- Due August 15
  2. Submit a Written Education Plan- Due August 15
  3. Provide an end of the school year progress report- prior to June 20. See the Saskatchewan Home-based Education Policy Manual ​(2016) and The ​Student Cumulative Record Guidelines​ (2015) for details regarding the expectations.
  4. Parents are also required to maintain a summative record for the home-based learner. This summative record must be kept until the student stops a home-based education program or attains the age of 18  years.

If a student wishes to return to the public school system after being home- schooled parents are required to provide the school with a copy of the student's summative record for each school year or part of a school year that the student was a home-based learner.

Home-based education students who are nearing high school age should pay close attention to regulations concerning early level credits, available below.

Parents who are contemplating a home based program are encouraged to contact the Home Schooling Principal, Maryanne Kotylak. Once a decision is made to home school, in addition to registering their child as a home-based education student, parents must inform the school they are leaving so the school can plan accordingly. ​​​​

Contact Information

Maryanne Kotylak
Home School Principal
80A-18th Street NE 
Weyburn, SK  S4H 2W4
Office:  306-848-0080
Fax: 306-848-4747
Email: homeschool@secpsd.ca​​​

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Folder: 2019 - 2020
Folder: 2020 - 2021
Ministry of Education - Home-Based Education Q and A 2015.pdf
Ministry of Education - How Can Students Earn Secondary Level Credits  2015.pdf
Ministry of Education - HS Policy and Procedures Manual 2016 - 2017.pdf
SECSD Admin Procedures - Appeals - Student Placement.pdf

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