What is Prekindergarten?

Prekindergarten strengthens children's language, social skills and learning opportunities in the rich atmosphere of play. It is a busy place, bubbling with laughter and excitement as children interact with each other and learn through play. South East Cornerstone Public School Division's prekindergarten programs provide a high quality, age-appropriate, play-based learning experience for 3 and 4 year olds in a school setting.  Our focus is on the healthy development of the whole child.  Children, family members, and early childhood educators work together to enrich children's learning and growth.

​ ​​Who is Prekindergarten for?

This program is for 3 and 4 year olds to provide early learning opportunities for children who might not otherwise have access to related developmental supports at home or in the community.


How are children registered?

Entry to pre-kindergarten is processed through a selection committee. Referrals and applications are accepted from various community agencies and from parents.  Preference for the program is given to children who may require additional supports to become successful learners.

Authentic Asses​​sment

Continue reading for more information on authentic assessment for prekindergarten​.

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