Early Learning and Care (ECIP)

From birth to three years of age, the human brain undergoes an amazing period of growth and is influenced by a child’s experiences, environments, and relationships.  Getting ready for school begins at birth.

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For children (ages birth to five) and their families, free of charge, we provide...

· Home and/or center-based visits with families.
· Developmental screening.
· Support to parents as they set goals for their child.
· Referrals to other agencies.
· Play-based programming specific to the child's needs.
· Support in transitioning children  into Kindergarten, Prekindergarten or other suitable programs.
· Support, encouragement, and resources for parents.

“It’s a great program I didn't realize existed. It helps confirm that your parenting skills are in fact proper, and if you lack knowledge, help is there.”

—program participant

The South East Cornerstone Public School Division's Early Learning and Care program is a member of the Sask. ECIP network.  Follow this link to learn more about ECIP in Saskatchewan or watch this short video.

Children and their families can be referred by anyone—friends, family members, professionals, and parents themselves.    Contact Early Learning and Care directly:

Coordinator: Jacquelene Gibbs
Office:  306-848-4722 
Cell:  306-861-4590
Email: Jacquie.gibbs@secpsd.ca

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