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SECPSD Health & Safety Response Plan

June 29, 2020


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We continue to work towards ensuring a safe learning and work place that also supports success and achievement for all.  Please note plans are fluid and evolving as we develop a deeper understanding of the pandemic and take leadership from the Chief Medical Health Officer and province.

Please reference the following documents at the link below:  
  1. SECPSD Return to School Learning Options (This highlights 3 options for parents to choose for education delivery this fall.), 
  2. SECPSD Highlights of Health & Safety Response Plan (This is a high level overview of the plan to ensure safety for all in the physical setting.)
  3. SECPSD Health & Safety Response Plan (This is the entire working plan.)​
  4. SECPSD COVID Early Learning Guidelines (This is an Appendix to the SECPSD COVID Health and Safety Response Plan.)​

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