The CIAF reflects a commitment to strategic planning as part of a government-wide accountability framework. it provides information that allows the Ministry and school divisions to report on progress towards key priorities.
The CIAF is a critical initiative for both the Ministry and school divisions in educational improvement. It clarifies roles and responsibilities by assisting:
  • Directors, trustees, school community council members, and school staffs in establishing, coordinating and monitoring division and school priorities;
  • Directors, trustees, school community council members and school staff in developing strong partnerships with First Nation and Metis organizations and communities;
  • Teachers and school administrators in guiding improvements in instructional practice, staff development and school operations;
  • Parents, students and the community in better understanding school and division operations and participate in the improvement process;
  • Ministry officials in providing focused policy direction and support.

The SECPSD stands firm in its commitment to quality educational opportunities for all its students and welcomes your support as together we ensure success and achievement for every student in every school

SECPSD 4-yr plan - Oct 24 2014.pdf


Strategic planning documents are available here

Assessments and Measures available here