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School Community Council


The SCC is made up of parents, staff, students and members of the community. If anyone is interested in joining the SCC please contact the school at (306) 869-2551.

Everyone is welcomed!

The current SCC members are:

Supervising Staff Member: Mr. Gilmore

Parent Members: Lisa Lewgood, Tammy Gust, Anita Gust, Kim Zieg, Kristeen Cherpin, Shannon Verhelst

Students Members:  SLC Students

Staff Members: All RRHS Teaching Staff Members

The RRHS SCC ConstitutionSCC Contstitution.pdf



SCC Contstitution.pdf
10/4/2017 10:33 AMAnita Gust
Scc Meeting Min Oct. 2017.pdf
10/10/2017 2:22 PMAnita Gust
Scc Meeting Min Sep. 2017.docx
10/10/2017 2:22 PMAnita Gust