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Board Highlights (October 2017)

October 16, 2017

Notes from the October 11, 2017 Regular (Public) Meeting of the South East Cornerstone Public School Division (SECPSD) Board of Education

Monitoring Report on System Goal #2 - Our students achieve at high levels.logo-vertical.jpg

A report showing evidence of SECPSD's system goal #2 was presented to the Board by Lynn Little, Director of Education.  Current data supporting the goal included several components:

  • Secondary Marks, Core Indicators Data for all students which indicated that at the conclusion of the 2016-17 school year SECPSD students were above the provincial average in 18 of 20 (90.0%) subjects and self-declared FNMI students were above the provincial average in 7 of 9 subjects (77.8%);
  • A list of marks submitted from schools across the division for the 27 General Proficiency Awards for 2017 allotted to SECPSD by the Ministry of Education with SECPSD's top 15 averages ranging from 96% to 98.9%;
  • Graphs depicting results of reading screens for Grades 1-3 and for Grades 4-8 for the period June 2014-2017;
  • Early years evaluation data for April 3-May 23, 2017, which is used to measure the system goal that by 2017, 90% of children exiting Kindergarten will score within the appropriate range in four out of five domains as measured by the Early Years Evaluation, indicated that SECPSD Kindergarten children attained the goal in 3 out of 5 domains and fell 1% short of achieving the goal for the other 2 domains.
  • A list of 244 tri-coloured Skovision indicators showing the level of achievement in each of the school division's mathematical outcomes and assessments based on the percentage of children either attaining or mastering the outcomes in Grades 1-9 and those achieving above a 75% average in Grades 10-12.

    Present at the board meeting to showcase and be recognized for high level achievement were students Claire Larson and Leah Macfarlane from Carnduff Education Complex who won a bronze medal at the intermediate level at the Canada-Wide Science Fair in Regina in 2017, which was their second time to compete, in partnership, at the national level.  Accompanying the students was their teacher, Jessica Morland, who enthusiastically spoke to the profound importance and benefits of student participation in science fairs at the school level and beyond, stating, "We are proud of all of our students who participate in science fair."

South East Cornerstone Teachers' Association (SECTA) President's Report
Karen Kennedy-Allin, currently in her second year as SECTA President, presented a brief update on the work of the association stating she is thankful for a school division that fosters teamwork for its contributors and for the strong working relationship that exists between SECTA and the school division's leadership.  She spoke highly of a recent learning opportunity experienced by the association's Vice-President, Whitney Paul, and herself in the form of a communications session supported by the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation.  

In addition, Ms. Kennedy-Allin outlined some of SECTA's work plan saying, "Bridging with one of our other goals for teacher recognition, we are going to use our communication to try to highlight teachers in action," and will be focusing our energy to create more effective and selective ways to ensure timely messaging within the membership keeping in mind that teachers sometimes feel inundated with communication.  Further, she expressed appreciation for the school division's focus on positive psychology and mental wellness for students and staff, saying "SECTA is happy to shine a light on the topic for all staff" and have many ideas to actualize productivity and mental wellbeing within the membership.  
Viable Schools Report
As per Board Policy 14, Lynn Little provided the Board with a Viable Schools Report which indicated that for this school year two schools across the division, namely Manor School and Pangman School, fell below the attendance threshold number of 88 students for K-12 schools as per the established school review criteria, with Manor's enrolment being at 73 students and Pangman's at 56.  The data depicted historical enrolments indicating that Manor School has been under the threshold since 2014/15 and Pangman School since the 2004/05 school year and that typically the school division's projections are higher than what actual enrolments have been.  

The report included data on the physical condition of the schools, operational cost per student, number of grades combined in each classroom, distribution of enrolments by grade level, condition and capacity of receiving school(s), transportation implications to potential receiving school(s) and availability of educational programming.  The Viable Schools Report, which was fully reviewed by the Board of Education at its strategic planning meeting held earlier in the month, resulted in a motion being passed advising the Director of Education that the Board will not proceed with any school reviews in the 2017-2018 school year. 

Student Enrolment
The Director of Education's report to the Board indicated that the September 30, 2017 overall enrolment number for the division was 8,267 students, however, enrolments can fluctuate daily.

Mrs. Little stated that SECPSD's enrolments have been on a bit of a climb since 2008 (7,862) and although enrolments came in at 25 below projections, they are up 41 since last year.

Learning Plan
Superintendent of Education, Aaron Hiske, in his first year in his current role, presented a high level snapshot of SECPSD's Learning Plan for 2017-2019 which focuses on Early Learning, Reading, Writing and Math, and Graduation Rates.  He explained how the learning plan aligns with the Saskatchewan Education Sector Strategic Plan (ESSP) which is an action plan that prioritizes and deploys the work needed to achieve the goal of supporting every student in every school division to reach their full potential through three levels of leadership and engagement: 1) The Provincial Leadership Team, 2) School Divisions and 3) Schools.

Board Chair Audrey Trombley was pleased to present correspondence received from the Saskatchewan High Schools Athletic Association thanking Wes Kreklewich and Nathan Johnson of Estevan Comprehensive School for hosting the 2017 Provincial Golf Championships and for their excellent organization and efforts in ensuring the success of the event.

Articles by Norm Park
Articles submitted by Norm Park, contracted reporter for SECPSD, are available at these links: 
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